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Bike MS Teams

CREATE A TEAM!   "May No Cyclist Be Left Unaffiliated!"

Because it only takes one person to start a powerful, rippling effect when you form a team.  You ask one person, they ask one person, they ask one person and before you know it, that one act has blossomed into dozens of people asking dozens more to participate.  Your team can grow into five, ten, maybe as many as 100 people who would not otherwise have known about the mission of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society: to end the devastating effects of MS.  All of a sudden, you are responsible for creating widespread awareness and raising thousands of dollars to find a cure for MS!  Share the fun of the MS Bike Ride with family, friends and co-workers. 

1.  Recruit, recruit, recruit! 

Teams must be comprised of four or more people, so set a recruitment goal and go for it!  Make a list of possible team members and contact them.  Also, you can recruit at work through company newsletters, email, bulletin boards, and paycheck stuffers OR ask us to make a presentation to your company or organization about the importance of participating.  Be sure your team members register individually and ask to be placed on your team. 

2.  Raising Money

Set a team fundraising goal that translates into individual goals.  Recommend to your teammates that contributions be collected up front to save time and effort and remind them they're eligible for both team and individual awards.  Consider organizing a fundraiser, like a bake sale, raffle, dress down day or barbecue.  Provide them with samples of fundraising letters and create a web site for your team. 

3.  Communication and Goal Setting

Set recruitment and fundraising goals together and share information with your team members on a regular basis, including updates on registered team members and fund-raising efforts. 


Don't forget to make the experience fun for everyone!  Design a team jersey or t-shirt and make your team stand out on the day of the event.  


One of the biggest incentives to forming a team is the Team Tent—it’s your own home away from home!  Each team is encouraged to make their tent special, so have fun with it!  Rent a Jacuzzi, bring a grill to roast marshmallows, display company logos and decorate to show your team spirit!

During Pre-registration on Friday evening, teams are invited to begin decorating their tents after picking up their registration materials.  Be creative!  Choose a theme and show the other teams who is the most fun!  Recruit a volunteer to help set up and decorate your tent!

We are encouraging teams to bring their own tents with company or sponsorship logos.  A company logo is a symbol of pride. It represents power and prestige.  Bring your corporate banner and hang it in your tent for everyone to see.   

 Team Tent










































































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